Who we are.

We are building a global marketplace for investing in loans.

Our mission is to democratize the financial services sector by creating an efficient link between lending companies and retail investors.

We apply an innovative approach to the old rules to make it possible for the everyday investor to invest in consumer credit – an asset class previously reserved only for institutional players.

Our goal is to become a global marketplace for investing in consumer loans.

Core team

Yonko Chuklev


Ivaylo Yovkov

Head of Marketing

Mariya Miteva

Head of Customer Support

Backed by a top tier lending company.


Stikcredit is financially supported by a profitable lending company with an impeccable business track record – Stikcredit.

Stikcredit is a non-banking financial institution established in 2013 in Bulgaria and supervised by the Bulgarian National Bank. Since inception Stikcredit has granted over EUR 30m in principal and over 100k loans.

More information about the company and its activity can be found on stikcredit.bg

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