How it works?

Stikcredit is a marketplace for investing in loans which brings together investors looking for solid returns with individuals seeking affordable loans. Stikcredit does not issue the loans to borrowers itself. All loans available for investment on the marketplace are underwritten by loan originators - partner lending companies with long track record in their field.

1. Open an account

Open an account with Stikcredit in a few simple steps. It takes less than a minute and you don’t need to submit any documents if you only wish to explore the site.

2. Add funds

We’ll verify your account as soon as you upload a copy of your valid government issued ID. Once your account is verified you can add funds and start investing. The minimum investment amount is € 10.

3. Create a portfolio

Explore the marketplace and create a diversified investment portfolio by selecting loans which match your criteria. You can filter the results by loan type, interest rate, loan term, etc.

Boost your returns

Stikcredit has made investing even more convenient by allowing you to automate your investing process using Auto Invest. Create different strategies tailored to your investment goals and your funds will be automatically invested into loans that meet your criteria.

With Auto Invest it’s really easy to create a diversified portfolio and earn stable returns over time. You can even choose to reinvest all your returns automatically and enjoy the power of compound interest.


Safety first

Stikcredit is backed by a lending company with a strong track record and experienced team. Since inception Stikcredit has granted over 30m EUR of loans and has achieved solid financial results year after year.

Our knowledge and experience have helped us to develop a robust analytical framework to make sure that we onboard loan originators with solid financial and strategic position. We've also developed internal risk control and monitoring systems to protect our investors' interest and keep risk at bay.

Start investing today.