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Want to share your success? Let your friends know about Stikcredit and earn up to €500 as a bonus.

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How does it work?


Invite your friend

Send your friends your unique referral link so they can sign up.


Your friend invests

Your friend should deposit and invest at least 500 EUR within 30 days of signing up.


You receive a bonus

We’ll add your bonus to your account balance depending on your friend’s invested amount.

Earn 1% of your friend’s investment or up to € 500 bonus.

Want to know more?

How is the bonus calculated?

Your bonus is equal to 1% of your friend’s invested funds in the first 30 days of registering their account. The final amount of your bonus depends on how much your friend will invest on Stikcredit.

The maximum amount of the bonus that you can earn from a single friend is € 500. Only funds which your friend has invested into loans qualify for the bonus.

For example, your friend deposits € 12 000 to her Stikcredit account within the first 30 days of registration and invests € 8 000 of the deposited funds. Your bonus is equal to 1% of € 8 000 or € 80.

When is the bonus paid out?

Your bonus will be added to your account balance 32 days after your friend registers.

Is there a minimum investment?

In order to earn a bonus, your friend must invest at least € 500.

Who can I invite?

You can invite anyone who doesn’t have an Stikcredit account. The person must be at least 18 years old and not be a member of your household or an immediate family member

How many people can I refer?

Share your link with as many people as you like and earn unlimited bonuses. Stikcredit puts no limit on the number of people that can sign up using your referral link.

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